Best food in the world. I have been taking my family to eat at Steve's food for the last 25 years. We all love this place!!

David Chaplan


"We enjoy Eight Cuisine & Wine! It's a very good Asian Fusion restaurant in West County...fresh, flavorful, nicely plated, good portions...Service is sweet. Prices are right. We like sitting in the bar area--i recommend Eight if you've got a hankering for tasty Asian Fusion cuisine!"

Fused G.
via Yelp


"The Best Asian restaurant in West county and the only good one in Sebastopol. This i[s] the fourth time my wife and I have be there and next week [we're] going to take some friends for a good time."

Dennis L.
via Trip Advisor


"I've become a big fan. I find their noodle dishes are the best I've ever had--- don't know exactly why, but they're different than other noodle dishes I've had and much better-- and the prices seem very reasonable."

Phillip T.
via Yelp

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