​Appetizers & Small Bites


Tuna Tartare

Ahi Tuna, wasabi potato, ginger avocado and won-ton chips   12


Crispy Berkshire Pork Belly

Braised Napa cabbage, bell pepper, scallions and kumquats   8


Firecracker Shrimp  z

Crispy shrimp, Thai basil and chilies with Sichuan dipping sauce    12


Thai Curry & Coconut PEI Mussels

Yellow curry, ginger, garlic, young coconut, Thai basil, kaffir lime leaves and sesame toast   13


Sichuan Salt and Pepper Calamari  z

Lightly fried battered calamari, onions, with sea salt   10


Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings  z

Fried organic free range wings     9


Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

With a sweet chili sauce    10


Oysters on the Half Shell

Chef's choice of seasonal oysters with a pickled ginger, and Thai basil mignonette 

6/16       12/27


Minced Tofu or Chicken Lettuce Cup

Wok-tossed shitake mushrooms, water chestnuts, green onion, with house plum sauce     12



Choice of Vegetarian, Chicken, Pork, or (Prawn add $2)

Cabbage, carrot, onion, egg and bamboo shoots served with hoisin sauce   12


Salad and Soup

House Salad

Organic local spring mix, Asian pear, goat cheese, crispy won-ton with hazelnut vinaigrette   7


Grilled Teriyaki Chicken  Salad

Mized greens, cabbage, carrot, cucumber, crispy egg noodles with a sesame ginger vinaigrette   11


Asparagus & Smoked Salmon Salad

Blanched Delta Queen asparagus, smoked salmon, grapefruit, sesame and yuzu vinaigrette 10


Togarashi Peppered Ahi Salad

Petite romaine hearts, Chinese long beans, cherry tomatoes, Asian pear, 8 minute egg, carrots, with ginger sesame dressing   13


Won-Ton Dumpling Soup

Choice of Pork or Vegetarian

Single: 3  Small: 7  Large: 10


Hot and Sour Soup

Single: 3  Small: 7  Large: 10


Wor Won-Ton Dumpling Soup

Dumplings with pork, prawn and vegetables

Small: 10  Large: 13


Sizzling Rice Soup

Choice of Vegetarian, Chicken, Pork, or (Prawn add $2)

Crispy rice and fresh garden vegetables

Small: 10  Large: 13


Singapore Laksa

Choice of Tofu, Chicken, or (Prawn add $2)

Mild coconut curry broth, kaffir lime leaves, fresh herbs with egg, tofu, rice noodles, carrot and cucumber   12


Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls

Choice of prawn or tofu. Rice noodles, carrot, cucumber, fresh herbs with sweet chili sauce

2 / 4     6 / 10


Fried Spring Rolls

Light crispy spring rolls stuffed with cabbage, carrot and spring onion

2 / 4     4 / 7




Pot Stickers Choice of Pork or Vegetarian

House-made with a ginger soy sauce

4 / 6     8 / 10


Ha Gow

Steamed prawn dumplings with ginger soy sauce   6


Shanghai Dumplings

Steamed pork dumplings with ginger soy sauce   6


BBQ Steamed Pork Buns   5


Braised Kale and Oyster Mushrooms 6


Sweet Potato Fries 6


Brown Rice 2


Jasmine Rice 2


Incredible Eight Cuisine Noodles 5

From the Farm & Sea

Grilled Australian Lamb 8oz

Red curry lentils, honshimeji mushroom, coconut milk, English peas, and leeks 21


Grilled New York Steak 8oz

Shiitake mushroom and potato puree, grilled Delta Queen asparagus and sauce bulgogi 21


Lemongrass Rocky Chicken Breast

Pan seared with fingerling potato, braised kale, oyster mushrooms, Meyer lemon and Thai basil 17


Maple Leaf Farms Duck Confit

Baby kale salad, carrots, honshimeji mushroom, hearts of palm and mandarins 16

Sautéed Gulf Prawns

Rice noodles, Chinese broccoli, green garlic, kabocha squash, roasted peppers, Thai basil and white wine 18


Steamed Corvina Sea Bass

Artichoke hearts, baby carrots, spring onion, bloomsdale spinach and a soy cilantro butter 23


Seafood Medley in a Bird’s Nest

Wok-tossed scallops, prawns and mussels, snow peas, carrots and mushrooms in a wine sauce and a crispy potato bowl   18


From the Earth

Triple Green Jade

Wok stir-fried snow peas, broccoli and green beans topped with fried tofu in a white wine sauce   11


Dry Sautéed Sichuan Green Beans   10  z


Family Style Tofu z

Lightly fried tofu, fresh vegetables in a spicy sauce   11


Sautéed Eggplant with Thai Basil  z

Add tofu if you wish   10


Three Cups Tofu

Fried tofu, shitake mushroom, carrots, spinach and basil stir-fried with Shangxio rice wine sauce   11


Classic Chinese

Orange Sesame Chicken   12

Crispy chicken with orange sesame glaze


Firecracker Chicken  zzz

Sichuan sweet peppers, zucchini and onion   15


Walnut Prawns with Pineapple

Crispy prawns, honey roasted walnut, fresh pineapple with lime mayonnaise   14


Burmese Chili Pork  zz

Paprika, cumin, ginger, chili and smoky bell pepper   14


Pork Spare-ribs

Wok-tossed in a house-made plum sauce   14


Mongolian Flank Steak  zz

Bell peppers, onions in chef’s special spicy sauce   14


Sichuan Spicy Lamb  z

Wok-seared lamb, Sichuan peppercorn and scallions  18


Noodles and Fried Rice

Choice of Vegetarian, Chicken, Pork, or (Prawn add $2)


Classic Chinese Fried Rice

Long grain rice, sweet corn, egg, onion and cilantro   10


Classic Chinese Chow Mein

Wheat noodles and ginger-garlic soy sauce   10


Cantonese Chow Fun

Flat “drunken” rice noodles over a bed of bok choy   11


Pad Thai

Rice noodles, egg, fried tofu, and peanuts   12


Hong Kong Style Noodles

Crispy egg noodles with mixed garden vegetables   14


Shanghai Noodles

Thick noodles with pork and spinach   12


Chinese Classics


Fresh from the Earth


Crispy Sichuan Eggplant  z

Eggplant and basil fried with spicy Sichuan sauce   10


Singapore Noodles

Rice noodles in curry spices   12


From the Farm & Sea


Sweet & Sour Chicken or Pork   12


Lemon Chicken   12


Chicken with Green Beans    12  z


Kung Pao Chicken    13  zz


Sautéed Organic Chicken Breast

Choice of broccoli or snow peas and mushroom    12


Sautéed Asparagus  z

Chicken or (Prawn add $2) In a black bean sauce    12


General Tong’s Chicken  z

Fried with spicy garlic   12


Egg Fu Young

Vegetarian, Chicken or Shrimp   13


Chicken Curry  z

Bell pepper, potatoes and onion    12


Hunan Pork  zz

Dry sautéed shredded pork with Hunan sauce    11


Beef & Broccoli or Snow Peas   12


Happy Family

Chicken, Shrimp, Beef, vegetables with oyster sauce  14


Cashew Prawn

Sautéed prawn, zucchini, celery and cashews     14


Princess Fried Rice with Prawns

Sun-dried scallops, egg white, Chinese sausage, cilantro and grilled large prawns    14



spicy  z      extra spicy   zz      look out!  zzz